Must-have Pair of Shoes Every Woman Needs to Own

Must-have Pair of Shoes Every Woman Needs to Own

If you are in a conversation with a woman and the topic of shoes comes up, (which it most definitely will) you will never, ever hear a girl say that she has an adequate number of pairs of shoes and she is content with her shoe wardrobe. Never has it happened in the history of womankind, that a woman could have enough shoes.
Just like the common saying goes, “GIve a girl the right pair of shoes and she will conquer the world”. Possessing shoes is a wardrobe essential for every woman. Shoes complete the look of an ensemble, and good shoes have the capability to turn a dull outfit into a complete superhit.
Different types of shoes go with different types of clothing. Consider for example, one does not wear sneakers with a saree, or high heels when they go to the gym. This is because all the different pairs of shoes are designed to make the task of walking in them much easier and stylish, while adding a hint of glamour if you go for the right brands.

Here is a list of the must-have pairs of shoes every woman should own in 2021:

Pump shoes, also known as court shoes, are one of the most common and preferred types of shoes by women in today’s date. They have a stiletto heel and are considered to be highly formal and glamorous. They can be worn both casually and formally, thus are extremely flexible. A woman should own a pair of black and nude pumps that go with any outfit.

Ankle-strap heels
High heels are most definitely an added lift to anyone who chooses to wear them. They make a woman feel more powerful and confident. Irrespective of your shape your size, ankle-strap heels will look stunning on anyone who adorns them and help you to feel free and support the feet as well. Be it a gown, an LBD, a pencil skirt, or even distressed jeans and a basic tee, these will go with every single outfit in your wardrobe and make you look uber-chic whenever you wear them.

Ballerina Shoes
Ballerina flats, or bellies as they are commonly called, have become a must-have in any woman’s shoe closet today. They have a slipper-like appearance, and are mostly flat, making them extremely comfortable to be worn on a daily basis by anyone who is not that much of a fan of heels but still does not want to compromise on their sense of style. They are versatile and casual and that is why they attract many women to wear bellies every day.

Ankle Boots
An ankle boot is a type of boot that covers the entire part of the feet right up to the ankles. They are one super-fashionable pair of shoes and instantly add oomph to any basic outfit worn by you. Ankle boots can come in both heels or flat variants, and are also worn both formally and casually. They can with worn with short dresses, jeans and a coat, and can make any outfit look extra cool.

Flat sandals
Flat sandals are a summer staple, as they are breezy and provide comfort to the feet when the weather gets hotter. They can be anything from strappy ones to slip-ons, flat sandals are the perfect way to go about on a casual or work basis, be it an office meeting or a walk at the beach. They are utterly lightweight and thus make any outfit look effortlessly chic.

Wedge Sandals
If you are a fan of looking tall but not one of those blisters that pencil heels give you, then wedge heels are the answer to all your problems. They are a more comfortable alternative to uncomfortable heels for those who don't have a bit of wearing them. They offer endless options to be worn at wedding to board meetings as well. They come in solid colours as well as with embellishments, giving you a wide variety of wedge sandals to choose from.

Loafers are the most easy-to-wear formal shoes that are available to women. They are slip-ons, which means all you have to do is slip them and you are good to go. For the more practical ones, who like to be “running” on the job, (literally) they are the more intelligent choice as they are flats and are utterly convenient. They are a match made in heaven for all your formal outfit needs.

If you're looking for a type of shoe that is evergreen, then the answer is a good old pair of sneakers. They can be paired with anything ranging from a chiffon dress to denim shorts and a graphic tee. They can be worn all year around and add an instant cool aesthetic to the type of look that you are going for.

One important tip that every fashionista should follow when it comes to shoes is- Neutral colours give a classy look to a daily-wear outfit, whereas a statement pair of shoes can add instant glamour to a basic outfit. You should make you decision to pair which shoe with which outfit by considering these points.

These are some of the most essential types of shoes every woman should own who wants to be fashion forward. DELCO is one of the leading footwear brands offering all these types of shoes in different patterns, designs and colours at affordable prices